Sprinkler System Spring Start

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Reactivating Your Irrigation System For Spring

As your grass lies dormant during the winter, your irrigation system takes a break as well. A Sprinkler System Spring Start reactivates your system in time to meet your springtime demands. The starting process restores your sprinkler system from winterization mode and prepares it for maximum productivity.

Just like any mechanical equipment or device, your lawn irrigation system requires proper care and maintenance. Throughout the winter, it endures snow, ice, and New England temperature extremes. A sprinkler system spring start identifies and resolves any seasonal issues. We reset and refresh your system so it continues keeping your grass lush and green.

At Fournier Irrigation, we recommend you have a professional complete your sprinkler system spring starting each year. Our team designs and installs irrigation systems, so we know how to do it right.

State certified technicians perform each task.

We review and evaluate your system's functional elements.

We make adjustments and get your system up and running.

Our team makes sure your system works the way you want it to work.

Completing your Sprinkler System Spring Starting

We approach system maintenance as meticulously as we do a new installation. We pay attention to the details from beginning to end.

Turn on Your System’s Water Supply

We enter your basement and restart the water supply to your system. Our technicians take care to turn your water on slowly. This allows us to prevent pressure surges that can damage fittings and sprinkler heads.

Examine and Test Backflow Preventer

Each irrigation system has a backflow preventer located along the main line, typically where the pipe exits the home. Backflow preventers stop contaminated water from flowing backward into a potable water source. We check the backflow and perform your required annual backflow test it if request it. 

Check for Leaks and Proper Operation

Once the water is running, we check for leaks along the main line. We run the water for three to four minutes and check the system zone-by-zone. We make sure all sprinkler heads are operating properly and providing water coverage to designated areas.

Check the Controller

During our final round of tasks, we inspect your sprinkler system controller to make sure all circuits are sound. We replace batteries in the older controllers that are used for backup in case of power interruption. We also check the solenoids on each valve to make sure they work properly. We program the controller to irrigate your lawn according to your schedule.

As we transition sprinkler systems to cloud-based controllers, we can perform controller programming functions remotely.

Why We’re an Industry Leader


At Fournier Irrigation, we perform each Sprinkler System Spring Start efficiently and professionally. Our irrigation technicians are highly-trained and state-certified. As with every job we perform, we keep customer service in mind. We work hard to help you keep your lawn beautiful.