Repairing Sprinkler Systems

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We Keep Your Sprinkler System Operating Efficiently

Efficient, quality parts are at the core of your sprinkler system’s reliable performance. Gears allow your sprinkler heads to rotate for complete lawn coverage. Rubber seals prevent heads from leaking and wasting precious water. Backflow check valves help stop water from flowing back into your home’s potable water supply. If you are on a well, the water quality can impact sprinkler componants.

Sprinkler system parts are durable enough to handle daily irrigation tasks. They stand up to New England’s weather extremes and can function well for up to 10 years. But, as with any mechanical element, sprinkler parts wear out with use and your system will require repairs.

Repairing Sprinkler Systems is a Process

Repairing sprinkler systems is a process of troubleshooting a failing component and replacing it’s worn out or damaged parts. At Fournier Irrigation, we’re pleased to perform the repair services you need.

Replace heads that are broken or have worn gears

Replace heads which have worn riser seals

Repair system leaks

Replace worn seals and springs on backflow preventers.

Replace worn valves or diaphragms

Repair broken connections

Repair or replace damaged electrical components

Repairing sprinkler systems is a process of troubleshooting a failing component.

When you call, our office staff schedules your appointment and our technicians respond quickly. They arrive in a modern van that’s stocked with the quality parts and tools they need to do the job right. We perform each repair task efficiently so your sprinkler system can give your beautiful lawn the attention it deserves.

Worn Sprinkler Heads

 Sprinkler heads have rubber riser seals that wear out over time. They’re similar to automobile wiper blades. As the seals wear, water starts leaking around the head causing performance issues and not to mention – wasted water. This is a slow process and the decision to replace the head can be subjective. We typically will leave that up to the homeowner.

Your System’s Electrical Components

Controllers, solenoids, and other electrical sprinkler system components rarely fail. Still, when repairing sprinkler systems, we include them in our inspection and evaluation process. Occasionally, we encounter an electrical problem where lightning struck a field wire or an electrical surge damaged a controller.

When an electrical problem occurs, we can replace the worn or damaged electrical components. Our technicians have the expertise and the right diagnostic tools to complete the repairs professionally.

PVC and Polyethelyne Pipe

PVC and poly pipe deliver water to your sprinkler heads. Occasionally, they sustain damage but as they’re underground, the problem is often difficult to detect. When repairing sprinkler systems, our technicians look for problems both above and below ground. We check our clients’ lawns for patches of soggy grass, pooling water, or other signs of a pipe leak. We then access the pipe, complete the repairs and return your lawn to its pre-repair condition.

Why We’re an Industry Leader

Repairing sprinkler systems

At Fournier Irrigation, we work hard to continue the traditions the Fournier brothers started years ago. We install quality irrigation systems and perform expert system maintenance. The Irrigation Association has recognized our expertise by presenting us with multiple industry awards.

Our customers are at the core of everything we do. They want lush green lawns and they trust us to give them what they want.