Lawn Sprinkler System Design

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Quality Custom Sprinkler System Design is the First Step

When you decide that it’s time to have an irrigation system installed in your yard, you have your own ideas about sprinkler system design. Of course, you want your lawn to have the water it needs to grow lush and green. But you also want a system that’s expansive enough to provide coverage throughout your yard.

Your sprinkler system design should conform to your yard. It should water all your lawn areas and perhaps your trees, flower beds and shrubbery. And you’d prefer not to deal with overspray on your sidewalks or driveways. Water conservation is also a big deal because a system that wastes water also wastes your money. Finally, your system must be smart enough to operate on its own so you never have to think about it.

At Fournier Irrigation, we want you to have a irrigation system that’s customized to meet all of your needs. We can make that happen because we’ve spent years perfecting our sprinkler system design and installation methods. We customize your system to meet the same quality standards that have kept our family’s reputation strong for decades.

Quality Design Matters

A properly designed system distributes water evenly throughout your yard. The sprinkler heads are typically spaced so there is head to head coverage. Distribution uniformity is our primary goal.

An improperly designed irrigation system won’t perform the way it should. Your existing water pressure varies from 20-120 psi. Sprinkler systems and their components are designed to operate between 40-75 psi. When your system is poorly designed without proper consideration for your water pressure and pipe friction loss, sprinkler components even wear out faster than they should.

At Fournier Irrigation, we design your sprinkler system to meet requirements that are specific to your yard. We install your system to operate with flawless simplicity while conserving water. That simplicity is the result of a complicated sprinkler system design process. We never rush your installation. Each sprinkler system installation typically takes one to three days because we take the time to do it right.

Initial Home Consultation

Our design process begins in your yard. Our irrigation system designer meets with you to evaluate your yard and determine your unique system requirements. He walks through your property and listens to your concerns. We gather information about your property’s boundary lines. We look for any existing underground utilities that we may encounter, such as drainage pipes or electrical lines. We locate your water meter or pressure tank and determine the best way for our pipe to exit your house. Then we complete the necessary calculations to custom-design your irrigation system.

Your water source determines your water pressure.

If you’re connected to a city water system, we find out your water pressure.

If you use well water, we test the flow of water that your pump is delivering. We obtain a well report from the local Health Department that gives us relative information on your well.

We decide the best way to connect to your home water source

We measure your static water pressure.

We calculate the friction loss that occurs as water travels through your pipes.

We determine your system specifications, establish your sprinkler zones, and complete your system design.

Licensed Plumber

Our P-1 licensed plumber establishes the water connection from your inside water source. Typically, our plumber completes his work before we schedule your installation.

Installation Day

Our installation specialists lay the underground pipe and make the appropriate connections to complete the work. We run your system and adjust your sprinkler heads to meet your irrigation requirements. Before we leave, we program your system to work automatically.

Why We’re an Industry Leader

At Fournier Irrigation, we work hard to continue the tradition of honesty and integrity the Fournier brothers started years ago. We install quality irrigation systems and perform expert system maintenance. The Irrigation Association has recognized our expertise by presenting us with multiple industry awards.

Our customers are at the core of everything we do. They want lush green lawns and they trust us to give them what they want.