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Meeting Your Changing Irrigation Needs

As you expand and remodel your home to keep up with your family’s changing needs, your desire for a beautiful lawn doesn’t fade away. When you build a room addition or install a pool in your back yard, you still want grass that’s consistently lush and beautiful. If you add a bed of wildflowers or plant new trees, you want them to reap the benefits of your automated water system. As you make remodeling decisions that change your lawn configuration, your irrigation system must be changed as well.

At Fournier Irrigation, we’re pleased to complete irrigation system add-ons to accommodate your changing needs. Our design and installation team will redesign your sprinkler system to fit your new yard configuration. We work with you during the decision-making process to make sure you get the changes you require. We do everything possible to make your add-on a smooth transition.

Completing Your Irrigation System Add-Ons

When Fournier Irrigation redesigns your sprinkler system, we complete each task with our traditional professionalism and attention to detail. We begin by reviewing your existing sprinkler system layout. Our team determines your new needs and specifications and we redesign your system accordingly.

We coordinate our work with you and your contractors.

We make sprinkler head, pipe, and zone adjustments.

We relocate system components or add new ones.

We position your sprinkler heads to provide complete coverage.

We make sure your system changes don’t overspray your new home additions.

Budgeting with Irrigation Add-Ons

Some of our customers use irrigation system add-ons as a tool for budgeting a complete installation. Initially, we design and install only a partial system. When they’re ready for an add-on, we install the additional components and create new zones to complete their system.

When our customers use our irrigation system add-ons as a budgeting tool, they use a step-by-step process to get the sprinkler system they want. It’s a great way to get the benefits of our water efficient sprinkler systems without having to pay the costs all at once.

Why We’re an Industry Leader

At Fournier Irrigation, we work hard to continue the tradition of honesty and integrity the Fournier brothers started years ago. We install quality irrigation systems and perform expert system maintenance. The Irrigation Association has recognized our expertise by presenting us with multiple industry awards.

Our customers are at the core of everything we do. They want lush green lawns and they trust us to give them what they want.


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I can't say enough about what a pleasure it was doing business with this company. Customer service was amazing!! Use them.
Millie Vazquez
For start to finish Fourtier was top notch! My lawn looks amazing!
Kate Bruttomesso
Sprinkler installation was well planned, and follow up was excellent!
sheldon hollins
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