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How Long does an estimate take?

An estimate can take anywhere from 30 Minutes to 1 Hour depending on property size and any questions you may have.

How long does an installation take?

Typically 1 to 3 Days

Do I need to be home for installation?

No. However, we will need access to the home

How much is the deposit for installation?

The deposit is typically 1/3 of the cost of the new installation

What are the payment terms?

The balance on a new installation is due upon completion of the installation

Whats your warranty?

Our warranty ranges from 2 to 5 years on parts and labor depending on which program you choose.

Can I Irrigate if I am on a well?

Yes, unless we decide your well is not sufficient enough to support your property size.

How much water pressure is required?

The best operable water pressure for the components we use is anywhere from 50-75psi

Is there a rain sensor ?

Yes. Legally every system installed in Connecticut needs to be equip with a rain sensor

Can I still aerate my lawn?

Yes. All the pipes are installed deep enough to avoid any damage

How deep do you install the pipes?

Generally we install the pipes 6″ to 8″ deep. However,sometimes rocks,roots,ledge and hard soil types will not allow us to do so

Do I need to be careful of heads while mowing?

No. Unless a head is malfunctioning and stuck up, all heads are installed flush with the soil.

Can the sprinkler heads be adjusted?

Yes. All of the sprinkler heads we use are fully adjustable

What if I have an underground dog fence?

We will locate the dog fence before installation to avoid damaging the fence.

Can I meter my irrigation water separately?

Sometimes. There are a few water companies that will allow you to do so in this area.

Can I run all zones at once?

No. Each sprinkler zone is designed around the water flow being supplied to the home.

What is the best time to irrigate?

Early in the morning. This allows water to reach the soil before water is lost in evaporation from the days heat.

Can I have a copy of your License & insurance?

Yes. Every customer will receive a copy of our License and Insurance in their sales packet.

Who takes out the permit if necessary?

Fournier Irrigation,LLC

Who calls the utility Marking Company?

We will call the utility Marking company for all public utilities.

Do you guys do the interior plumbing?

No. All interior plumbing needs to be done by a P1 licensed plumber who we subcontract wit

Can I Add-On to the system?

Yes. We can expand your current system

Can the valve boxes be buried?

We do not recommend burrying the valve boxes. Valves may need to maintenanced in the future and burrying them will make servicing very costly.

Where is the controller located?

Generally located in the basement or garage. However we can mount the controller anywhere within 5′ of an outlet with accesability to run our wire.

Why would I need my Backflow tested annually?

The backflow preventer protects your potable water source from cross contamination. An annual test will protect you and detect failure.  The State of Connecticut requires all backflows attached to potable water to be tested annually.

Will an As-Built be provided after the installation?

Yes. All customers will received a laminated As-Built of their new system

Why We’re an Industry Leader

At Fournier Irrigation, we work hard to continue the traditions the Fournier brothers started years ago. We install quality irrigation systems and perform expert system maintenance. The Irrigation Association has recognized our expertise by presenting us with multiple industry awards.

Our customers are at the core of everything we do. They want lush green lawns and they trust us to give them what they want.